Say No To Education Cuts in Illinois!

Education funding is under attack once again, and many of our state legislators including Mike Madigan and the Illinois House of Representatives are proposing dangerous, immediate cuts that could affect your child's schooling and future. The Senate Republicans would like to cut education even further. The State also owes our schools hundreds of millions of dollars. This is unacceptable and we need to speak up. Last year, we worked together to send over 150,000 emails to our legislators via Noto37 to stop devastating cuts, and it's time once again to make our voices heard. Key points:

  1. The State of Illinois raised income taxes this year from 3 to 5% but put no money towards education.
  2. The State of Illinois currently owes hundreds of millions of dollars to school districts in our state.
  3. Illinois ranks 49th in the nation in state contributions to school funding. Our state is not making education a priority for many of our children.

From class size increases to cuts to Preschool and Kindergarten, special education, bilingual and physical education programs, to elimination of assistant principals, only you can keep these cuts from impacting your child and children across the state. Let your lawmakers know how you feel about education as a priority in Illinois, and get other parents involved as well. It takes only 30 seconds to send a message that could change your child's future. In just a few short months, school budgets will be locked in -- and it will be too late.

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