Thanks for your interest in this site. We are relying on people like you to help us mobilize anyone concerned about education funding in Illinois. was was created by a group of parents with children in public schools who saw a need for a tool to help parents across the state make their voices heard. It started with a conversation about how to get our immediate friends to take action and grew from there.

We put a lot of energy into making sure the site is secure, and we follow best-practices for e-mail lists. We use the reCaptcha system to ensure live people are filling out the form each time it is submitted and always give users the option to opt out of future e-mail. Now that the site is up and running, we monitor it very closely. There is often a delay between when the form is filled out and when the messages are sent due to the limits of the mail program on our server. However, all messages sent through the site are treated the same and we make no attempt to alter the content of the messages, which each user can change for themselves.

The information we collect on the site allows us to see where in the state people are using the site so we can do a better job of getting the word out. We also share statistics with legislators and their staffs to reinforce the number of of their constituents who care deeply about education. We do not share identifying information about users with anyone other than the legislators for whom it is intended. From time to time, we will e-mail users who have agreed to be on the mailing list about upcoming events and opportunities to further support education funding in Illinois.

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